Board and Staff


HRI’s Board has representatives from all of the sectors HRI needs to successfully pursue its mission, including the following:

  • tenants of properties developed or otherwise assisted by HRI
  • residents, activists, and members of neighborhood committees
  • local bank officials
  • affordable housing development professionals
  • urban planning professional
  • financial professional
  • affordable housing nonprofit intermediary
  • real estate attorney

Most members are experienced professionals, long-time Cambridge residents, and all are committed to affordable housing. With many of the Board members having served for over 10 years, there is also a considerable degree of stability and longevity of Board membership.

  • Louise Elving, President
  • Vince O’Donnell, Vice-President
  • Deb Favreau, Clerk
  • Mark Teden, Treasurer
  • Deb Fox
  • John Hixson
  • David Salomon
  • Golnaz Tabatabai
  • Marilyn Soto
  • Joel Feinberg
  • Aviva Rothman-Shore 


HRI employs eleven full-time staff who collectively possess a wealth of knowledge of, and experience in, affordable housing development. Throughout every position, there is a combination of talent, experience and commitment.

Peter Daly: Executive Director
Phone ext: 207
Peter Daly has been involved in community development since 1979, first running a home improvement program and then a first time homebuyer program, both for lower income households. He then became the initial program coordinator for CNAHS when it started in 1983. Five years later he became the Executive Director of HRI/CNAHS. He also serves on multiple boards and committees at the local, state and national levels.

Jane Carbone: Director of Development
Phone ext: 212
Jane coordinates all aspects of HRI’s larger developments from predevelopment through construction. She also initiated the framework for HRI to incorporate sustainability and environmentally friendly building practices into their new developments as well as the adoption of green, healthy renovation practices in the entire portfolio. Jane received her BA in Environmental Design and City Planning from UMASS Amherst and is a licensed construction supervisor.

John Kelley: Director of Finance
Phone ext: 206
A graduate of Boston College with background in finance, accounting, and auditing, John has worked for the past 15 years in affordable housing. His main focus at HRI is to work with outside auditors in completing the annual audits and tax filings for HRI’s four non-profit entities and six for-profit entities.

Robert Scully: Senior Accountant
Phone ext: 201
Bob is a CPA and joined HRI in 2013.  He has extensive experience in non-profit accounting for small and medium sized companies where he was responsible for the day to day accounting functions including budgeting, revenue and expense management and systems controls. At HRI, he will be responsible for the maintenance of our accounting systems, preparation of the financial statements and assistance with all audits and compliance reviews.

Beverly Craig: Energy Planner
Phone ext: 213
Beverly Craig, LEED AP is an Energy Planner at HRI. Ms. Craig monitors the energy and water consumption of HRI’s 73 buildings.  She also secures funding for and supervises energy and water retrofits to HRI’s properties. Ms. Craig manages HRI’s sustainability initiatives including its recycling programs, installation and monitoring of renewables, tenant energy education efforts, and smoke free initiative. Formerly, Ms. Craig was the Brownfields Redevelopment Coordinator for the City of Milwaukee.


Rebecca Schofield: Project Manager
Phone ext: 208
Rebecca joined the HRI team in 2015 as a Project Manager for real estate development. Rebecca is a Kuehn Fellow, with a Master’s in Environmental Planning from Tufts University. Before joining HRI, Rebecca worked as a Portfolio Associate at Community Economic Development Assistance Corp.

Bianca Perez: Administration and Development Coordinator
Phone ext: 200
Bianca joined the HRI team in 2017.  She previously worked in the affordable housing non-profit sector as an AmeriCorps VISTA for a major nationial housing intermediary and for other various grassroot organizations.   She is responsible for the daily operations of the office as well as HRI’s fundraising efforts. Please contact her with any general questions.

Joe Deignan: Director of Resident Services
Phone ext: 210
Joe oversees the development, implementation and ongoing management of HRI’s resident programing. He works closely with area nonprofits, community leaders and management staff to ensure that our residents are able to access a wide range of services and support.

Jennifer Jonassaint: Program Manager

Phone ext: 215
Jennifer has been in the lending field since 2001. She previously worked at a Boston community development agency assisting homeowners to access safe and affordable loans to repair their homes and perform individual financial counseling. Her experience in debt, credit awareness, and avoiding predatory lending has enabled her to facilitate workshops and teach classes throughout her career.


Rachel Bonnar: Bookkeeper
Phone ext: 203
Rachel has been the bookkeeper at HRI since January 2001. She has over 25 years of experience working for non-profit organizations. Please contact her at extension 203 with any questions regarding payments of existing loans and loan processing inquiries.