Who We Are

Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1972 by a group of concerned residents who recognized the need to stabilize their community.

With an initial focus on homeownership, HRI strived to support mixed income communities, rich in ethnic and racial diversity. Since then, HRI has shifted its focus from homeownership to include rental properties as a means to create new opportunities for households that cannot compete in Cambridge’s housing market. HRI’s continuing mission is to provide safe, affordable, decent, and sustainable housing.

While some of HRI’s developments are mixed income, a significant majority of the units are rented at rates affordable to low- and moderate-income families. To date, HRI has developed over 1,500 units of housing, owns over 1,250 apartments, and owns more than 55,000 square feet of commercial space in Cambridge.

The Home Improvement Program (HIP) operated by HRI for over 40 years provides home improvement loans at affordable terms and technical assistance to homeowners in Cambridge who cannot afford to maintain their homes. Without the assistance of the HIP program, these homeowners would likely be forced to sell their deteriorating and unsafe homes and move out of their neighborhoods.

HRI believes that it is the responsibility of affordable housing developers to address environmental issues such as air pollution, global warming, and landfill shortages. Drawing on years of experience and creative thinking, HRI works to combat these issues during the construction and renovation process so that families can enjoy healthy, energy efficient, and less expensive homes that help preserve our surrounding local environment and our planet. HRI continually seeks new ways to lessen our buildings’ environmental impacts through decision-making, design, construction, and operations strategies that help conserve resources.

HRI also ensure to provide excellent resident services programming tailored to the needs and interests of its residents. Some efforts include but are not limited to: Individual Development Account programs, an annual Scholarship Program, a computer learning center, a Lending Circles program, and many other components which aim to improve the quality of life and provide opportunities for all residents residing in HRI’s housing portfolio.