Owner Testimonials

"I learned about HRI when I saw a sign posted on the window of the North Cambridge Senior Center. I knew my home needed some major repair; roof, bathroom etc., and I was exploring ways to finance the work. The Home Improvement Program (HIP) at HRI helped me to confidently assess and understand what work really needed to be done on my home. HIP staff expertly guided me through the process, which would have felt overwhelming and would probably have been more costly. I received a reasonable affordable loan rate and as importantly, had caring, knowledgeable, accessible people who could provide technical assistance, support and guidance. I would recommend others to HRI because I don't think I have ever worked with an agency where every person I interacted with was so thorough, caring and attentive to detail, and followed through on every task as promised. I would rate the service I received as excellent, since I can't thank the HIP staff enough for all their help."

"My daughter saw an ad at the local library about Homeowners Rehab and she called their office. Our house was going into foreclosure. We had tried for over a year to get a bank to give us a loan to pay back taxes and make necessary repair. Our home had safety issues in and outside; lead paint on the walls and soil, electrical and plumbing problems, holes in the attic and roof, falling porches. We could not go into the yard for fear of the many hazards. The Home Improvement Program at HRI helped us get a low interest rate loan at a local bank. They also provided us with support and resources to help us create and maintain a budget, supported contractor selections, brought our home up to code, perform home inspections and all aspects of rehab in and outside the home.  We feel that the Home Improvement Program at saved our lives!! This home has been in my family for many years. HRI allowed my grandchildren and their future children to grow up here, since now we will not be uprooted from our home. We will continue to live as a close knit family. I sleep better at night knowing that a household of single females can be successful and that my grandchildren can live and play safely here."

“When my husband died over 25 years ago, I decided to update my house with the necessary repairs. Suddenly, it seems, it is 25 years later and I find I need a lot of repairs, such as a new roof, painting inside and out, plaster repair. The bathroom walls needed attention and I needed a couple of new windows. My funds were very low and I was really worried — then I heard from a friend that Cambridge has a wonderful program for people like me to use the equity in my house for a repair loan. Homeowner’s Rehab helps with choosing the contractors and closely monitoring the work before payment is made. I certainly have peace of mind. I can’t say enough for the program.”

“In a winter night of November 2004, we were displaced from our apartment in Cambridge — following by a fire incident in the building. Since then, it was a long and difficult journey for our family — both emotionally and from financial considerations. These difficulties were further compounded by the fact that two of our children were — at that point — in the middle of their college semesters, finding the whole family fallen into a crisis of immeasurable magnitude…

In our desperate looking around for money, we happened to hear about HRI. We found “H” as a symbol of 'hope’ and ‘help’ for getting back the ‘home’ we had lost. We can praise this program simply by stating the fact that our hope to return to our condo would have never been possible, without their help. HRI has rescued us from the financial disaster we were facing in finding the additional fund that was needed to reconstruct the building and rehabilitate ourselves back to our condominium.

”Our experience in dealing with HRI — from the time of our first approach, till the day of their final approval of loan — has been simply splendid. We are immensely grateful to each and every member of the team, not only for their financial support but also for their generous attitude towards our problems.”

“I read about HRI in a Cambridge newspaper. My roof had been leaking for a year and no bank would give me a loan because of my very low income. HRI gave me an interest-free loan, and provided highly skilled professionals to replace my roof: guaranteed for 10 years. City inspectors monitored the job each step of the way. They saved my house.”

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